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'Hello, monster'

Title is 'Hello, monster'.

-Short story-
One day , a girl lose roadside.
The girl wandered for a long time.
And the girl entered a mountain deep cave .
The girl met huge monster in cave deep place.
The monster was sealed by Gods during immemorial time.
The girl had some magic.
A girl became a friend with the huge monster gradually.

That accomplish monster's root was 'Evil'.
The 'Evil' disappear.
Monster's wicked fellow mind disappeared gradually.
And terminated the monster's life gradually.

I doing  3d illustration,and created short story.
Software Used: 3Ds max9 , Photoshop


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Subject : 'Hello, monster'
Artist : 현경업
File Upload Date : 2012/08/29
File Size : 266.8 KB
Resolution : 1200 x 1475
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